Solo Founders, what does your day to day schedule look like?

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For me, there isn't much structure time wise apart from deciding which blocks of time are execution or planning related. The blocks of time are organised around "sprints" or spans of weeks where there is a theme to focus on, such as gathering resources or completing a stage of a project. There are some tasks that carry on throughout, but the time dedicated to them is very minimal as to just maintain it while focusing on delivering on the things that will move the dial.One of the most productive ways I've found to structure tasks is what can be delegated and what cannot be. For the things that can be delegated, what is needed from me as the initial 'push' to set the direction and vision properly & clearly. Remembering to schedule the time to follow up on the delegated tasks is great. This helps with the feedback loop and catches mistakes early.Oh yeah, and, marketing is 100x easier when the product (even an early, scrappy, version) is made.Hope that helps!?
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This helps a ton! I usually am very organized, but lately I feel like I am all over the place! I like the execution vs planning distinction, and that is something I'll take note of. Delegation is key, so I am hoping to have more of a team soon :).
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I’m going through the same. I feel like I’ve been working on the same tasks and never getting ahead. I find myself avoiding the things that don’t seem so interesting but I know needs to get done. I also have a pair of twins who are 6 and still need some of my attention. Lots of balancing at my home.