Hi All, The next billion dollar companies will be coming from female founders. Just look at @Shuooo who built Deel into a unicorn company this last week! If you need to hire remotely, they will take care of everything and, they are hiring ;) https://www.letsdeel.com/blog/deel-series-c-unicornI have been a YC Visiting Partner previously in 4 batches and sat through countless interviews. I had the great fortune and pleasure of working closely with the Deel founders and other soon to be unicorns my time there! Before that I was a founder of a mobile gaming company - Kabam. Happy to chat about the interview process and do a dry run with you and your team. Book time directly in the Calendly link. Since YC has changed to a rolling admission basis, my offer stands on a rolling basis ;)Thanks, Holly
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"The next billion dollar companies will be coming from female founders." — amen!And I can't emphasize how much we appreciate you offering your time (again and again!) Holly 🙌PS. I'll be kicking off May's Karma Circle (ask & offer) thread in 5 days, you may want to share it there as well when that's up!
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THANK YOU @hollyster!!!!