Tell me I didn't get the job without telling me I didn't get the job

So this is a new one! :)

The last few months has been a grind of getting to several last-round interviews and completing several "take home" projects that I did well enough on to move me forward to the next interview stage. Then, after all hours of time & effort, either getting ghosted or just the generic "no thanks" e-mail. Since my resume & work samples seem like they're working and propelling me forward, I hired an interview coach to see what I might need to refine. Then........

The newest version of rejection- I was sent a final interview request FOR ANOTHER PERSON. The recruiter immediately sent me a "sorry I made a mistake" e-mail. I replied with a "no problem, I see that you are in the final interview stage, I am still very excited about the position with XX can you tell me if I am moving forward?" and so far crickets......

It's such a frustrating process!
it's infuriating. over the weekend I got rejected by being sent a Greenhouse survey about how the company "values candidate experience" and wanted my input on the interview process I recently wrapped up.
Hope you were honest with them. A lot of people, especially women, are afraid for retribution, but pople will find the smallest reasons to reject you, so honesty can't hurt.
I was! I told them it was quite offensive to receive an email saying the company cares about candidate experience when they couldn't even be bothered to send me an email letting me know I wasn't moving forward, and that I would not apply again or recommend that friends apply because of the way I was rejected. I gave them low ratings on almost everything and told them that while there were some challenges during the process (people being late, not having a good connection, etc), it was the way they handled the rejection that ultimately soured me on the company.
I've been told, "We'll be following up next week with next steps," and when next week rolls around (literally, on Monday), seeing someone on Linkedin announce that they're so excited to be starting in *that* position. SMH.
this is so rude and disrespectful. i feel like it is becoming more common. my attitude is that if this is the company culture, then you've dodged a bullet!
Iā€™m so sorry you experienced this, that is just awful.