Are you having a hard time creating engagement in your community?

Calling all Community Leaders and Founders to attend an Insight to Action Workshop entitled, UNCOVER YOUR COMMUNITY’S DNA: CRACKING THE CODE TO A SELF-MANAGING MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY OF POSITIVE + IMPACT.

📆 1 March 2023, 4PM London, 5PM Berlin, 11AM EST, 8AM PST

Please RSVP for the event to make sure you don’t miss it!

💡The power of a community lies not only in its diversity of individuals but also in its Community DNA, which fuels a transformative force known as Collective Intelligence. In today's interconnected world, harnessing the power of community DNA and collective intelligence is crucial to achieving progress and prosperity.

Let us unleash how these two can be achieved in this Insight to Action workshop!

Come away with MIRO Premium to plan out your community with our Community DNA uncovering questions:

⭐Learn how your community can be one of positive impact

⭐Define the DNA of community and its ideal member

⭐Clarify the interconnectedness of your community

⭐Identify the activities and goals of your community

⭐Appraise the value that your community creates

⭐Map out a sustainable growth path for your membership

⭐Learn the next steps on how to validate and launch a Minimum Viable Community!

⭐BONUS: For all attendees of the Q&A -

🚀3 Months FREE Trial of MIRO BUSINESS worth $60

Watch it anywhere in these three channels on 1st March at 5pm Berlin time! Stay tuned and save these links:

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