Anyone open to taking on a Spring Intern (women's health/social impact)? πŸ’œ

Hi, Elpha community! I'm Vanessa, a student studying Computer Science & Ethnicity, Migration & Rights at Harvard. Since I'm taking the spring semester off, I hope to deepen my passion for women's health & social impact, including menstrual health, body positivity + uplifting BIPOC voices.If you're open to taking on an intern in the spring or know of any opportunities, please let me know! I'm hoping to explore UX Research and/or UI/UX Design but would be open to other roles as well (I have front-end engineering/data vis & communications experience)! I put my LinkedIn but can send a resume over as well. Thank you 😊
Hi Vanessa,Great job on making the moves now! :) I wanted to tag @ayas who is the founder of Aavia and I love what she is building - you may want to check it out/connect
Thank you Iynna, I'll be sure to check Aavia out!
Aavia is amazing!!
You should check out FemTech Focus! We have a podcast, newsletter, and virtual network. You can post this in our network to find a women's health and wellness company to work with. You can check all these things out through our website
Thank you for sharing Dr. Barreto, I will definitely explore more of the FemTech Focus network! Listening to your podcast in quarantine is actually what sparked my interest in FemTech, so thank you for inspiring younger generations with the work that you do 😊
This is so meaningful and inspiring!!!! This gives me energy to keep going <3
Hey Vanessa! We should talk too :) my startup WellNested is looking for an intern for Spring as well! I just requested to connect on LinkedIn
Hello Vanessa, I'd love to talk about opportunities at Myrth. I have sent a LinkedIn request. If you are curious or like our company, let me know. I've had great experiences lately working with Interns and I love supporting young women's careers. Emma