Welcome Product Managers

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Hi @soumeya! I'm Amanda and the product I'm proudest of? Hmm.. on the last product I managed, my squad implemented a fairly dull but extremely useful (and foundational) feature that had been requested by 20+ clients over the years. Part of the pride is that we were able to successfully iterate on it a few months later, adding more "flashy" functionality. I'm proud that we continued make the platform useful and listened to users about the tools they needed.
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I love that! Iterating and shipping helpful functionality is its own reward. What methodologies/frameworks do you use in most of your work?
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Hi! Iā€™m Sarah, and I work with B2B software products. Looking forward to connecting with other product managers!
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Hi, I'm Lilia, I'm a full-time product manager and I also have a side hustle as a product management coach and content creator for the product managers. Looking forward to connect with other product managers.