Places you've used to design your company logo

Hello Elphas! My co-founder and I struggling with our current logo. We are looking to get a new one. What places have you used or are there any Elphas you recommend?? I'm looking into a 99 Designs contest but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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Canva is really good if you want to do it yourself.
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Thank you! Will look into this 😊
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As a designer, I urge you to pay a designer a fair wage for their expertise and NOT use 99 Designs. I am sure there may be some freelancers here who could offer their services, or you can reach out to designers via AIGA, or Dribbble.
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Thanks so much!! Glad you brought this to my attention. How I missed this before I have no idea. I am on the hunt for a freelance designer now approaching it as a long-term relationship!
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I am so glad to hear! Best of luck getting the branding you deserve 😁
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Hello - I want to second what emilye said. I know it's tempting to make something 'on the cheap' but I promise you, the results will be better if you work directly with a designer or small agency. You will wind up with a brand toolkit (a much more robust solution than just a logo) and the entire package will be more effective, more emotionally relevant, more targeted, and ultimately serve you better for years to come. The process will be fun & collaborative and you'll have something you're truly proud of. I'm sure there are designers on this platform (including me, hence the passion about this!:) if you're looking to stay "close to home" - whatever you decide, best of luck and glad you asked the question!
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Kelly - I copied and pasted your message to my co-founder because your advice was so valuable. I didn't think about how getting the branding work piecemeal could hurt us. Thanks again!!
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Hi! I have really low design rates as I build my portfolio, but also offer further discounts to womxn and minority founders in need of branding, logo, and web design. Feel free to check out my portfolio:
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Monica - Thank you so much for offering a discount to Latinx founders. I'm touched. I will reach out!