"Pitching" Yourself to Professionals

I am an early-career professional with about 2.5 years of experience in the non-profit space and looking to pivot to the startup space. I've been trying to hone in on my "pitch" to share with people whether it's an informational interview or a networking event. I want to be able to showcase my value at their company and how I can be a part of the solution to drive business success. Any tips to crafting an elevator pitch that can do this effectively?

What did you do in your 2.5 year career in the non profit? And what do you do in the startup space ie. what role and any industry or type of startup? I think it's good to focus on the things you did and how that will help you "HI I'm Sophie and I work at MidTown Cleveland, Inc., an org that does [X], and I am on the team in charge of [X]. I am now interested to bringing [insert top 2-3 skills that are the most relevant for your pivot] to an early-stage/growth stage startup in [industry, feel free to keep it broad if you're not quite sure yet]. Also tagging @sarahing she's super good at that!
people look at "value" very differently. my question is, what do YOU value about yourself? be raw + creative. when you show up in your authentic expression, you open your energy to attract what is actually meant for you.