I got drunk to my company‘s Xmas dinner🙈

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Hello!I totally understand your stress here. I have been there and so have many people, as I say "it happens to the best of us" haha! Sounds like you guys all have a great time, they loved you and had a good time with you. They probably appreciate seeing you letting loose etc so to me this does not sound bad at all (quite the opposite, as a matter of fact, I have noticed that sometimes drinking alcohol can help you create a bond with someone, of course this is not to suggest that we should all be drinking irresponsibly etc. )My advice to you is don't make it a regular occurrence and you will be fine! Also if you do get drun k again in the future, don't be sloppy drunk ie. don't fall around, or do smth inappropriate (if you already know your limit, enlist a friend to make sure you never get to that level) You'll be just fine!Congratulations on the role!
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Well done on landing the job. We’ve all done over done it at work parties…. It’s almost a rite of passage. You seem to have weathered it fine. Don’t stress on it…. Iynnas advice above is bang on. Best of luck.