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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Danielle! I love the connection between taking things at work personally and setting limits. A great new perspective for me.
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Danielle, thanks for taking the time to share your story and perspective. I agree that the biggest pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves. And I attribute that self-induced pressure to all of the many. millions of messages we receive growing up about the way society works and how we 'should' be. I'm many years older than you. Only recently, in my 40's, has it become very clear to me that the constant striving does more harm than good. The hustle mentality is damaging and now as a leadership coach for mid-career women, and as a friend to many of the same, I can honesty share that there is little long term benefit to taking on the mentality of having to work extra hard as a woman in tech (or any other demanding and male-dominated field for that matter). I lost a good part of my true self working in tech. It took me many painful lessons before I was able to fully acknowledge this. I truly believe the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay true to who you are and be extra kind to yourself. In the form of creating boundaries (I recommend a walk at the end of the work day to create a divide between work and home, as well as starting each day by taking a walk outside, preferably in nature), and also staying connected with others, and your true self. Journaling and meditation are wonderful ways to tap into your trueness. And I know this may come as a shock or with some resistance - but there's a school of thought that working less actually results in more. More results at work, and more satisfaction within. Sending you care and warm wishes for 2021!
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Danielle!full list of our services please