Leanne Elich, CEO of Leanne Elich Consulting: Do you know why and when customers leave you?https://improve-retention-cjm.eventbrite.com/?aff=commelpha

Do you know why and when customers leave you? 

Journey mapping can show you the exact moments of time and the reasons, just like the crystal ball. You just have to wield it right and Leanne Elich GAICD, CEO of Leanne Elich Consulting, is going to show you how 😎

At our upcoming online event with Leanne, you’ll learn:

🟡 How to foresee customer loss and prevent it

🟡 What frameworks engage your customers

🟡 Which triggers and signs scream about customer drop off

🟡 What ‘the close’ journey mapping is and why you should do it

Register now 👉https://improve-retention-cjm.eventbrite.com/?aff=commelpha