Considering egg freezing? Let's chat!

Hey ladies, if you are trying to navigate the fertility preservation aka egg freezing world, I would love to help you! I started Blooming Eve to help women with:

- reducing costs (including finding the right clinic with high success rates and affordable costs, also offering financing)

- guiding you through each step of the process and providing community, so that you don't feel lonely in the process

- improving the results (when is the best time to freeze, how to prepare)

I myself am in the process of egg freezing now, and can share how is it going!

Schedule a time to chat!

This is great and I'd love to schedule a time with you but I don't see a calendar when I click on the link? Do you require that we email you?
@chandnirao weird, can you see it here? no, please share your email and we can go from there! BTW are you planning to do that in Vancouver?
Awesome, thanks! Just booked a Session and I'd be open to getting it done anywhere in Canada (starting with exploring options in Vancouver, where I'm currently based).
Btw ladies, we primarily help women in US only, since there are specifics in healthcare here, but can answer any general questions on the process here in chat as well.