Just Saying hi

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Hello Maria! We're happy to have you and sorry to hear today's not been a great one, tomorrow's a new day!PS - I can't tell if you're looking to switch to IT or you already have a role there, but in any case, we have a job board at Elpha with partner companies that you maybe helpful as we have a lot of open roles available: https://elpha.com/companies
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Hi Maria! Sorry you’re having a down day. I’m not going to try offer any advice because it makes me crazy when people try ‘fix’ my bad days. Just know that it will pass and you will find the path, eventually… apparently… so I’ve been told 😉 Hang in there! Available to chat if you just need a sounding board or someone to vent to 🤗 🦄
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Thank you all for the support.
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@mariamccoy sorry you’re having a bad day. It will pass. The worst thing about working in IT is that you will have days when you think it’s all beyond you. The best thing about working inIT is that you can keep learning and it’s so broad that you can never know it all. Two sides of the same coin. I hope you get to the other side of the coin soon and have a better time of it. Best wishes.