SHOP4CF Opportunity


I am Uzoma Agba, a Project Ambassador for Shop4CF ( which stands for Smart Human Oriented Platform for Connected Factories, it is an ambitious E.U funded project. Its primary objective is to establish a unique infrastructure dedicated to facilitating the seamless deployment of human-centric industrial applications. SHOP4CF also offers 100k equity-free funding, and technical and business support to SMEs, selected through open calls.

I am currently looking for People in the Smart Manufacturing Industry in Europe to join the community using this link ( Simply click "+",(Blue button) then e.g. "event" and then register on a page that appeared. Please let me know when you join the community and if you need more clarifications DM or by email [email protected]

Hello Uzoma! Thanks for sharing! I don't know if this is immediately relevant but @Rosi and her cofounder Priya have been aggregating grants/prizes/relevant events for the tech/startup ecosystem, maybe this is something they can work with you on? See here for instance and FWIW Rose is incredible, i'm a fan!
Thanks, @iynna my πŸ‘ΈπŸ½Hi @uzomaagba - We have a great network (500+ in Europe) of founders we are connecting to funding.If you can fill out: we will share it with our newsletter.