Don't Be Afraid to Leave a Job Before a Year. Yes, Even in This Economy

I've seen conversations recently about people who have just started jobs they don't love, and they're worried about how it looks if they start job hunting before a year. Well, here's a great article on why it's not such a bad thing:

Hope this helps!

I wish we could reframe “job hopping” as a means for the economy to reach its optimum. If someone is miserable at their job - I doubt they’re working to the best of their ability but if they find a better opportunity then it’s better for the economic health of a country in the long term.
Thanks for sharing! I've definitely fallen into the mentality of needing to stick to a job for at least a year in the past. That's crazy that 35% of turnover takes place within the first year of employment, just shows staying a full year is really becoming out dated