Hi everyone!I love Elpha's online community, and would love to take some of it offline, as I am a firm believer in the power of getting together in person. Anybody interested in grabbing coffee sometime soon? :)I believe in the importance of getting together in person so much, that I built a product around it. I'm looking for any newgrads who moved to SF, people looking to expand their social circle, or anybody excited to try something different. My cofounder and myself strongly believe people are yearning for more vulnerable and authentic interactions, so we are running a social experiment: we will tell you who to meet and what to talk about. DM me if you / anyone you know, wants to join the pilot, and I'll get you an early access code! (more info here:
Hey @helenamerk! Would love to get together for coffee sometime. I'm in the East Bay but happy to meet in SF. DM-ing you about Gravitate, too!
Let't do it! I'm down either this week or after NYE if that is easier for people :)
Whatever works! I could swing this week or in the New Year - might get more availability from folks if we do January....
Hi Helena! I joined this community because I *just* moved to the bay area and am seeking amazing womxn to connect with in the area. As it happens, I also am building a product around IRL connection (see: and social experiments ( Would love to grab coffee when I get back into town mid-Jan AND am raising my hand to participate in any and all shenanigans. Thanks for the opp - this all sounds rad x
Hi Katherine -- wow wow wow I love your product. Very similar yet different execution. Would love to meet up and talk.Also. I will hold you to your suggestion of mid-january shenanigans.
Hi Helena! I'd be interested in joining the pilot. I'll be in SF, traveling from Paris, 13-24th Jan and could try out your product while I'm there! I'm also down for a coffee :)
Hi @MartaM! Would love to add you to the pilot:) If you are interested in meeting other Elpha members, use the "ELPHA" code on the orbit page. Otherwise you will be matched based on location.
Hiya! Not sure if this is too late, but I'd love to join the pilot :)
Not too late! If you use helenamerk as your referral, I can pre-verify your account.