I Really Did This! Battling Imposter Syndrome and Embracing Change in a New Role

I took a big leap of faith a few months back leaving a comfortable job at a well-established research firm to sign on with a small, relatively early-stage startup (Topknot) because I so deeply believe in the company's mission, the people doing the work, and the approach that they're taking to addressing the critical issue of improving accessibility to meaningful personal growth and development for women. I think my parents maybe thought I was a bit mad for making the shift, but I've had no regrets 🙃

That said, this is my first time working in the wonderful world of startups - and my first time having the opportunity to really shape an entire segment of our business (in this case, community) with no roadmap to follow. Needless to say, I've definitely had moments battling my own demons re: imposter syndrome and whatnot... but this week, we published an official "Meet Rae, Topknot's New Head of Community" post on our blog - and as simple/silly as it may seem, this really feels like an important milestone for me in solidifying how real this moment is and how much I do belong in this space - and that feels worth celebrating! So for anyone who has ever struggled with imposter syndrome or made any kind of career shift/change that others (or even you, yourself) have questioned, here's to us 🥂

Thanks for listening, and here's wishing a happy and healthy long weekend to all 🥰