Pregnant and Looking for a Job

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Congrats on the pregnancy news! ♥️✨If you're in the US, Double is hiring remote EAs:
Thanks Teresa.I will check them out.
Thanks much
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Congrats, and sorry to hear your husband is stressed and may not receive this news well. Feel free to message me more about your marketing skills if you want to discuss possible freelancing.
Hi Christine.Thanks very much.I will be reaching out.
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Hello! I was in a similar situation. Last year, I was informed that I had the option to transfer to Mexico or be let go. This was very stressful as my husband is a teacher and we live in NYC where basic things are expensive. Ultimately everything worked out and I did an internal transition.That being said, I would focus on getting hired before you say anything. I recommend you look into the employee handbook surrounding parental leave before you announce. My company requires approx 3 months notification, but every company is different. Best of luck!!