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Couldn't agree more on the importance of personalization and relationships. Is there any advice you would give to companies navigating data privacy changes (end of third party cookies, etc)? Would love your thoughts on any particular technology or broader strategies you think are valuable.
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Thanks for sharing these insights! Can you share specific examples of questions and custom messaging that companies can use with their chat bots to better connect with customers?
LorenaMorales's profile thumbnail
Hi @Kera sure thing! The main thing for chat bots strategies is that you have different plays for net new and retargeting where in the latter you could set the rules for your CX team to jump right away. Whereas with net new you should try to make it hard for your users to leave without tracking them. An example could be use a CTA that goes to a piece of content if they are not ready to buy. Lastly, as silly as it might sound, start with ‘hey’ instead of ‘hi’. It’s way more human and will allow your team to lead with a more conversational tone. The use of emojis is highly recommended for the same reason. Hope this helps 😏
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Thank you, @LorenaMorales!