Y Combinator is hiring for a programs/ops person to scale YC's jobs platform

Y Combiantor is hiring for a programs/ops person with a recruiting background to help scale Y Combinator’s hiring platform, where we helped nearly 600 people find jobs in 2021 alone.

If you have a recruiting/HR background, this is a pretty unique role: You’ll teach hundreds of founders best practices on recruiting through training conferences and 1-1s. Instead of recruiting for a single company, you’ll be driving candidates at the top-of-funnel for thousands of YC startups. And you get to work closely with our software team to provide input on features (and maybe even design and ship a few!).

If you want to have a bigger impact and/or get closer to product, check out the JD or email resume/linkedin to [email protected].

What a fantastic/exciting opportunity! Will definitely share this!Question: for the candidates who decide to apply and have heard about it through me (specifically folks who are not currently on Elpha or will never be on Elpha because they're men :)), do you want them to indicate my name or you don't really care?