I am in need of a female mentor

Hello Everyone. My name is Keri Kilty and I am an entrepreneur and startup executive. I have been following elpha for many months now and the content and participation of this platform rocks. I am finding myself in a bit of a predicament these days and this is the first place I feel compelled to reach out to. I am entering very important years on the journey of my career that I am staring at incredible opportunity to achieve incredible success. I am a born leader in many ways and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed in the male dominated world I am trying to navigate through. I have been navigating through this world for sometime now on my own and I am seeing my vulnerabilities and realizing male mentors are not cutting it for me. I have boxed myself into a bit of a predicament because I have surrounded myself and built myself up predominately with a male network. I have a nice female network as well but no one close enough that I feel close enough to ask to be a mentor. So I am here. Sharing my challenge as I begin on the journey of finding a mentor. Thank you for reading/listening and I would love any guidance the community has to offer. THANK YOU!!Truly, Keri https://www.linkedin.com/in/keri-kilty-30910037/
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Hi Keri,While more people will respond, I wanted to share with you an amazing Elpha resource: https://elpha.com/rewards --> book a mentor !Hope you can enjoy that :)
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thank you!!
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Another Elpha resource for mentors is our directory here! https://elpha.com/d/advisors-mentors
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Thank you Teresa!!
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Keri - I would LOVE to speak to you. I’m a mindset and career coach and work specifically with driven women trying to forge their own path. Let me know if you would like to chat. I’ve found as an entrepreneur myself that being able to have a partner, guide, coach, cheerleader, etc is incredibly helpful during those lonely days.Best,Kelli
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I would love to chat Kelli!
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Great! Feel free to schedule some time here: https://bit.ly/freecareeradviceconsult
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Hi Keri! I've had 5 startups with exits and 25 years experience building companies with all men co-founders. I'd be happy to chat. My website gives 30 minutes of free consult https://dianeprince.co/free-consult/ but you can use this link for 45 (I find that extra time can make a big difference!) https://calendly.com/dianeprincemalibu/entrepreneur-chatI look forward to hearing about what you're building and what you're going through!
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Diane thank you so much! I am scheduling now. This is wonderful thank you!