Help fund mother’s heart surgery bills- Didn't have insurance in the USA

My mother is currently visiting the US from India. She has been doing fine and didn’t have problems like these before. She suffered a massive heart attack on the evening of Monday, 8/8. With the grace of god, she got medical assistance from paramedics and they brought her to ER where the cardiologists performed surgery on her. She had 100% blockage in the main artery and 99% in the other two. She got 3 stents and is extremely lucky to survive this event. She is recovering in ICU right now. Her heart is at 50% of capacity.We are going to incur a huge and unexpected medical bill. I am creating this campaign to raise funds to pay for these bills since we won’t be able to apply for financial assistance because she isn’t a US citizen or Green Card holder.I am looking at other avenues such as nonprofits, social workers, & similar to help with the funds.I request your generosity if you have the capacity to contribute and please donate to cover her medical bills. It would really help us out. I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. Please keep her in your prayers; by God's grace of god, she got a new life.

So sorry you have to go through that. :(I hope your Mom is okay.
She is stable. Thank you for asking.
I am so sorry she is going through this and you also have to bear the stress! I am keeping her in my prayers and just donated. Be well!
I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! Have you checked if she has travel insurance for the trip? This falls under emergency care, so regular travel insurance would pay for this (up to a certain limit, which is usually high - my travel insurance when I visit the US covers emergency medical bills of up to $2 million). Even if she doesn’t remember buying travel insurance for her trip, travel insurance could have been paid for bundled into the price when she booked her flight tickets, or she may have it automatically via her bank / a credit card. Worth checking into!
She does not have travel insurance. This is the first time we missed getting travel insurance due to COVID protocols.
Thank you. I will definitely check it out
I donated. Really glad your mom is doing better and hope for more to come.
Thank you. She is in Cardiac rehab right now.
How awful. Our health care system is a disaster. I've shared this with a few people.