Help In NJ with NJFLA as an EMPLOYER

As HR manager for a smaller company, this will be my first time dealing with a maternity leave/TDI/FLI. The ee is also a first time parent so she is very unfamiliar.

I am looking to ask a few questions pertaining to NJFLA as we do not qualify for FMLA.

I called the state and am in touch with an HR rep through our PEO, but answers are not quick to come by.


*If she needs to take accrued time off, as per our handbook, prior to leave, and we write a policy to give additional time, how does this affect the length of the overall leave?

*Her leave will run into the new year. How does this work with accruing NEW pto for 2023?

*Does she apply for TDI? FLI? What is the difference (in simpler terms) and in what order

Any assistance would be helpful!

Thank you,


A Frustrated, seemingly-helpless-worker!