​​“So, tell me about yourself…”

This question is a predictable part of interviews, and yet so many of us flub our answers to it. I’ve heard candidates launch into 10-minute monologues about all their past experiences. These monologues are not going to help you land your target role.

Here’s the good news: it’s easy to prepare your answer to this question. If you do so effectively, you have a chance to:

👉 Quickly convey your career story

👉 Summarize your relevant experience

👉 Position yourself well for your target role

All before any knowledge-based interview questions have even started.

To empower you to answer this prompt more effectively, I've designed a 3-part framework that I call a “career journey narrative.” With a stellar 90-second career journey narrative, you can open doors to new job opportunities through concise self-advocacy.

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