Amazon (FAANG) engineer interested in helping / advising startups

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Hi! I have and idea for a startup (for quite some time now) but I need help with tech to make it happen, I have no experience in the tech field, therefore, I need help to build the platform.I have vast experience in foreign trade since I work for a family customs brokers agency and the pain points that we have to go through everyday made me realize that something has to be done to reduce the complexity of international trade.It’ll be great to talk to you about it and see if you’re interested in this project!!
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Hey @PamelaRecaldeSurely i can help you with that.Can you drop me an email about it, so that i can follow up with you via that.
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Hi there, I have a product concept and actually looking for a technical person to help advise and/or build on this idea for an early MVP. I will send you a direct email to connect.
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@AmirahRB Sounds good, will follow up via email.
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You are an angel @MonishaSurana
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Hi @MonishaSurana! You really are an angel. Thanks for the offer. I'll also send an email. Thanks!
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Sure @hannahykPlease drop me an email at and we can take the conversation forward, and will try to help you in the best possible way.! 😇😊
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Hi Monisha, I’d love to connect if you’re not already inundated with offers - wanting to get a sustainable app/website off the ground with an mvp! 😊
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Hey @sarahjanksPlease drop me an email at and we can take the conversation forward, and will try to help you in the best possible way.! 😇
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Hi @MonishaSurana, you are amazing!! and I hope you are not overwhelmed with requests yet... We are, a community where women UX Designers, Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, and others collaborate remotely to help one another improve their skills for 8 weeks.We feel strongly about uplifting women. We are currently looking for mentors for our Cohort 5 starting mid June. If you can spare even just 1 hour during the 8 weeks to mentor our students, that would be fantastic! I'll take the liberty and email you for more info. Thanks a ton!
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Hi Monisha,What a wonderful offer! I'm the founder of a marketplace for premium furnishings. We soft launched recently and have about 6,000 products from 25 top brands on our site and have recently started onboarding our buyers. From someone with marketplace experience, I'm wondering what we should make sure we have in place so that the marketplace runs smoothly? What should we look out for that we may not have thought of? I'd love to talk to you about where we are now and next steps for our platform. I'll follow up with an email too.Thank you!
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@HeatherSawtelleSounds exciting, let's connect and discuss :)
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Hi! Thanks for even offering your time! If you're still interested/free to talk, I am working on a startup to improve the technical interview prepare by pairing early-career women with engineers looking to improve their interviewing skills. If you have expertise or insight particularly in the technical interviewing space or just balancing the startup process, I'd love to chat!
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Sure @beleiciabullockWould be happy to connect, please hit me up at
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Will do!