Calling women who want more friends!

👋👋Calling women who want more friends! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️Have you looked up from your 20s and wondered where all of your friends went and how you can make more? I hear you – it’s not easy! At Bask, we’re working on kick-starting great conversation where you can meet women that also want to make deep friendships. :clap: We’d love for you to join an upcoming mini-meet of other women over 30, focused on one of four different themes – 1️⃣Peloton, 2️⃣Post-COVID Travel Plans, 3️⃣Healthy Eating, and 4️⃣Reading. Take your pick, join the small group (we’re capping each 30 minute chat at 10 women), and see where the convo goes! 👋👋Hope to see you there >> 1️⃣Chat about Peloton: Tuesday, April 6, 9-9:30 pm EST 2️⃣Chat about Post-COVID Travel Plans: Saturday, April 10, 2-2:30 pm EST 3️⃣Chat about Healthy Eating: Sunday, April 11, 7-7:30 pm EST 4️⃣Chat about Reading: Wednesday, April 14, 8-8:30 pm EST thank you!
Hi Sally, Can I join from Europe? Or it's only for the US-based?
Yup, feel free to join from Europe! We all know now how to make friends and build friendship from a distance!
Would have loved to joined but not within my flirty thirties yet
If you are intentional towards making friends, we'd still love to have you!
Same boat as Kristen but love the idea Sally 😊
Thank you! Totally good if you're not in your 30s yet and this resonates with you!
Registered! Exciting to meet others.
Amazing, thank you @MansiT!
Sally this is wonderful! Living in a new city during COVID has made it even more difficult to connect with like minded people. Looking forward to this session and love the concept.
Thank you Jesseca! So appreciative of your support!
TY for this, it says the book one is closed though?!
ahh yes the reading one filled up quick! Sorry about that. We will keep you posted when we offer more!
I could talk about Peloton all day long! LOL I'm not sure that I can commit to that time but I'll see if there's still a spot last-minute if I'm free. Sounds fun!
Hi Sally - Would you consider forming a group for women over 40 with various topics?
HI @JamieMoy! We're actually open to anyone past that it's-easy-to-make-friends-in-my-20s feeling! So yes, what we're working on would be for women in their 40s and beyond as well! :) We've learned that after the 20s, most women don't have such specific age requirements related to finding friends. (which is awesome!)
Wasn't able to register... but would love to join the "reading" chat.
Me too! I was sad to find this too late as they're all full, but another responded said they'd have more in the future. Too much interest - a good problem to have!
Agree... a good problem to have!
Sally, looks like its limited and the registration is closed now. Is there any other similar networking events that I can register for? I'm really looking to meet more women from Elpha.
Hi Nanditha! We are planning on running a few more sessions – keep an eye out here!
Good to see so much interest! I'm also too late to the game, I'm interested and will keep my eyes peeled.
Signed up for emails since I can't make any of these, looking forward to hearing about more future sessions that I can hopefully attend. :)
Thank you so much for your interest and support @dianazelikman!
Would love to hear when the next ones are!! 😊🙌
I love the idea of this and signed up for the enewsletter as the chats are full at this time.