Founders transitioning to Product Managers

Hi all,After closing down my startup two years ago, I recruited for product management jobs. I ended up landing a PM role at Oscar Health, where I still work :)!In that process, I couldn't find much resources out there. I'm currently working on a guide on how to land your first product manager job after closing your startup.I'm curious, if I finish it, is this something you'd pay $10 for? It'll include...- Detailed resume tips with my before/after resumes- Tips on how to talk about your founder experience in interviews- Types of companies that are great for ex-founders- How to give yourself a product management crash courseAnd, are there topics you’d be interested in that I may have missed?PS: It'll be a longer version of this article that I had written:
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Hi Hannah, I'd be interested to hear about these topics! I always appreciate seeing the different journeys people take to transition to PM. I imagine this resource would be valuable to a wider audience than only ex-founders? From what I've seen, a lot of people need help identifying their value prop and learning how to talk about the work they've done in non-PM contexts by incorporating PM language.
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@DianaLaster This is super helpful feedback! I'll keep you posted on my progress...I'm targeting to finish it by the end of September :)