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Hi! My name's Sandra, 1st gen Latina (Mexican and Salvi!), born and raised in Chicago but now live in the 'burbs. My academic background is in the lab sciences, but professionally I've carved out Sales, BizDev, and Strategy roles in tech. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to be in inclusive spaces in my professional worlds, so I've been seeking these spaces outside of work (like elpha!). As an extroverted introvert, in my free time I like to decompress by traveling (solo or in small groups), hiking (cook county has one of the largest public forest preserves in the country!) and/or biking trails, and sports games (bball & soccer are my favs!). Nice to "meet" you :)
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Hi,I am Maria, Italo-Venezuelan, who was born and lived in Venezuela until I came here to do my Masters at Stanford. I live north of SF. I am also a Software Engineer. My work has been in data analysis and business strategy mostly in payments (PayPal and Google), and now I work on my startup. I also like to do some salsa or swing dancing. I would love to meet people from this group to have a coffee in SF. I did some traveling years ago, now not so much. I love languages, cooking and walking.Reach out if you want to meet. My email is: [email protected]
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Hola Madelyn,Do you want to meet to have some coffee in SF? I would love to learn more about your work, your overall hiking, dancing experiences, and exchange some resources about Latinas. See my post below with my intro. My email is [email protected] Cheers