Need advice on how to find leads for startup

Hi, I'm pretty new to product management at the same time doing business development for the product. I'm going crazy with trying to find leads or even companies to get our startups in front into. Any suggestions? I've tried sending cold emails, getting intros, joining fb groups.

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Hey Gee! In reading your post I thinking changing your post title to something like "New to business development and struggling with finding leads", OR "need advice on how to find leads for startup" may be more relevant to your ask! :)
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Awesome, thanks for the feedback!
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HI Gee! I've worked at Product and have started my own coaching business this year. I'd love to see if I can support you in some way. I would suggest to connect with other early startups in the space and try to learn from them in some ways. Perhaps there's something you haven't considered or some connections that you're trying to build that networking can support you in.If you'd like, I can offer a brainstorming session to help you work out some lead gen strategy. Send me a DM, we can chat more.
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Hi, your product looks cool! I'm not sure what country you are based in, but when I clicked on your site, the ONLY call to action I could find was to sign up for a demo call, and the time slots were very limited and in the middle of the night (on my time zone). Are you only targeting customers who are on the same time zone as you? If not, you might want to include an alternative method for people to leave their email addresses if they aren't available for a call at the time slots you included.
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We're PH-based and yes, we're looking at clients within our timezone. Re: email adresses-This feedback is great, very helpful. Thank you!
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This might help. Indie Hackers Podcasts