Is there a downside to applying to 10+ jobs

Hello everyone. I'm a final year college student and its alost time to graduate. Yayy!

Now that I am in search for jobs, I constantly get the advice to apply to multiple job openings. Afterall, out of 100 applications it is possible to get offers from only 2.

I am applying for roles and I wonder, are there any downsides to applying to a lot of job openings?

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In my opinion, it's not about quantity per se but about quality. If you have a sense of what you want to do, I'd try to focus on roles that are somehow similar across multiple companies as opposed to applying to 10 random jobs at one same company.You definitely need to wide a cast net ie. look out for multiple companies and different roles (esp not all companies use the same title when it comes to similar roles). Lastly, in your application process, I'd recommend to work smarter ie. for every company you're excited about you should make a point of connecting with someone at the firm ideally a recruiter and someone on the team you're interested in joining (if applicable).
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@iynna hmm very interesting. I didn't think of it that way. Thank you @iynna
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Of course! How were you thinking, I am curious :)
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It's a great question. Under normal circumstances there are a couple of things that spring to mind.Firstly if someone is applying for jobs with volume rather than from real desire, any good recruiter will pick up on this.Also, sometimes in desperation to get a job people can be tempted to go for something that they are over experienced for. Again this gets picked up, they don't get offered it and they feel even worse about themselves.However, you are just starting in your career. There is something to be said for getting a LOT of practice. This will hone your skills and also help you understand more what you are looking for. Also, without experience (I'm making a huge assumption here!), you might need to make a lot more applications to get that foot on the ladder.See how you go, I suspect your enthusiasm for applying will be the natural limiter!If applying for a lower job