Advice on transitioning OUT of Product Management

Hi all!

I have been in product management for ~10 years and am finding that for various reasons, I no longer enjoy the role. I'm beginning the exploratory process of what other roles align with my skills, interests, and purpose, but would love to hear from anyone who has had sucess moving out of product to another field.

Thanks in advance!

Fun! The exploration process is the best.I've moved out of tech myself (engineering to coaching) and have had a few clients transition out of PM-ing.For some inspiration, here are the things they've done:* started their own business* gone back to school* transitioned to data science* UX workHas any direction struck your fancy? I'd be happy to chat about it if it's helpful.Sarah (more info about me besides this wall of text! --
Hi! as Sarah said, the exploratory part is the best, can only go forward from there :)i am not in product but i've changed careers, so my advice might be too high level, sharing it nonetheless in case you find one or two things that resonate. But for me what's worked is understanding the WHY. Like why am I doing the work I do everyday? (eg i do this because i want to see changes in XYZ, i do this because i want my future daughter/son to not have to experience XYZ, i do this because I want to see XYZ personal results etc.) My WHY is bigger than me and i know as i pursue it, i am learning in the hope of becoming a better person.So for instance, I have a background in international affairs and international development and I started my career at the UN, I am now in venture capital investing. the road there was not straightforward (and i had many twists and turns) at the time it didnt make a ton of sense, but i was always driven by something (the WHY), now when I look back, i can clearly connect the dots (it didn't happen overnight, just to be clear haha) I am sharing this because I think you could have a similar exercise where you can understand the WHY behind your personal and career moves (perhaps starting from your major in school to your first internship, jobs leading you up to this point). And then now that youre at a juncture, I'd recommend thinking about what you want your life to look like. What do you want to spend more time doing? What is the one thing that matters most to you and how does it relate to other areas of your life. Basically re-design your life!
That is such a cool career trajectory! I'm a product manager considering moving into venture capital so very inspiring to see you can get there without a straight line. :)
Awwe thank you Tiffany! It's been fun and I wish you all the best as you transition into it :)
I have pivoted atleast 6 or 7 times in my career and after 18 years in product management, I transitioned out into entrepreneurship. Did I calculate everything single thing? NO. But I had given myself 6 months to prove financial viability and product market fit indication for what I was wanting to do. And experimented all my hypothesis.Was it tough? Yes. Not getting the paycheck or making money like I used to as a bootstrapped founder was hardest.I also coach and advise several Product Leaders who are trying to navigate transitioning out. What I see here is:1. Unpack what is triggering the transition? Is it an annoyance or something more lasting?2. Look at your financial runway to see how much time you have to validate what you want to do next3. Create your hypothesis and continue testing4. Make sure you are clear on your non negotiablesMost decisions in life can be reversed, so my advice is to not over complicate it.
Separately this event is happening in a week or so, you are senior in your career so you might not need the tips shared but thought it might add value in your exploratory phase :)
commodity analyst or freelance algo- trading developer ?
I am currently trying to the same thing. 10ish years in product management and trying to get into venture capital or Chief of Staff. I now have a separate resume for the new jobs that really focus on all the oddball things I have done, as well as all the strategy and biz dev.I'm also taking two courses: Operations Management and Digital Transformation Management.I'm will to take a pay cut to get into the new roles and then back to what I was making by taking another new role after a year experience.