Discounted Coaching: Career Coaching, Leadership Development, Life Design

Hi everyone,

After having completed my coach certifcation program, I'm excited to launch my own practice. I'd love to offer discounted rates to Elpha members as I build my practice. My goal is to increase confidence, clarity, and connection to help clients have the impact that they want on the world.

I specialize in a 12-week program designed to help better align your career/life to your values & strengths, but you can also visit my website and blog to learn more about my offerings to see if it could be a good fit. You'll find space to sign up for a free 30 minute call before committing to anything :)

Example topics that I coach on:

  • Uncover what ‘success’ in life means to you - What do you really value? What are the big ‘shoulds’ that you carry with you
  • Assess where there is opportunity to live more aligned to your values & strengths and where you are already doing so
  • Identify major challenges or road-blocks - internal and external - that are preventing you from living your good life
  • Create action plans for how to work towards a goal, build a new habit, or change a thought pattern in line with your values
  • Hold you accountable, check in on progress, and help you adjust as you learn more about yourself
  • Increase self awareness, confidence, and connection - setting you up to have the impact that is most important to you

Reach out with questions!