Which Title? Recommendations?

Hey guys,

What title do you think I should push for?

Chief Growth Officer

Chief Commerical Officer

Chief Revenue Officer.. or other?


What are the key tasks for the role? What would you be responsible for? What are the metrics you'd be evaluated on in terms of perf? And what is this org's goals for the next 6-9-12 months?These seem to have similar meanings but in reality there are teeny nuances so it's hard to make any informed recommendation (as far as I am concerned at least)What was your previous role in and maybe what would be the natural step for you?
Hi @terresaportal ! Excellent question - I’d love to look at your resume and send you a response ! As a recruiter - this was one of the many pointers I’d help people with …… my off the top suggestion is which of the 3 titles resonates most with you, which role would make you happiest - use that one. Good luck !!