What's that Goal that would change your life/ biz if you KNEW you would succeed?

I'm a founder and I've just launched " How to Achieve Any Goal", my System for taking any goal from strategy > execution > successful results. (like 10Xing ARR + closing $20M funding rounds)This work is based on 10 years of experience helping female founders achieve super high goals, and I'm excited to see who we can help next.If you're interested in discussing your goals and seeing if this could be a fit, send me a dm or comment. :)Community- what is YOUR highest-leverage goal, and how would this change your life or your business if you KNEW you could achieve it?Let's achieve some Outrageous Goals! šŸ’ŖšŸ™Œ
Love this! Definitely curious to learn more and discuss further, Kelsey! Highest-leverage goal: become a Senior Manager (or equivalent e.g. Director) within the next year and a half. I *know* I can achieve it. How would this change my life or business? It is when I am empowered, when I believe in myself, and when I show myself the self-love and self-trust to take care of myself first and foremost that I am most able to empower, champion and support others. I want to be of service to the world. I want to give back. I want to inspire and enable people to achieve things that they didn't feel or believe would be possible. And in order to do that, I must embody it myself. Love, hugs and solidarity!