Emoji Vote: How engaged and interested are you with your work and role? ❀️-Very Engaged 😁-Engaged πŸ€“-Somewhat Engaged πŸ™„-Not Engaged 😒-Very little engaged

Curious to know how interested and engaged people are with their work and role to see how it compares to my feelings...
First I hope you are well and at peace wherever you are in life.I know this is extremely unsolicited advice.. I will state it and of course, ignore it if it does not resonate. Here's my take on this: I'd recommend not comparing yourself too much to others, how engaged they are with their work / role etc as there are tons of parameters you just can't see or know. Someone might be very engaged as a result of suffering the loss of a job before, and now a new job is a huge glimmer of hope for them to which they feel very grateful. Similarly, someone might just be very disengaged not because of anythig at work but because there are better prospects in the horizon for them.
Love this question! I've added all the emojis for you so it's easy for people to vote with :)
I put somewhat engaged, for context I’m in the mid stage of my career, working in product. I don’t feel passionately about the product (home improvement marketplace) but I do feel passionate about being the best I can be and feeing satisfied that each day I’ve done a great job.
That's helpful context, I appreciate it!
I started my 2nd contract role of the year last week. The first contract role I had lasted from mid-January thru mid-May. Both that role and the current role are in the UX space. My current one is supposed to last through mid-September, but there's always the possibility of it becoming full-time (I'm continuing to apply for full-time roles just to be safe). The first company was in the Marketing industry, and the current one is in E-Commerce. Even though I'm a part-time contractor and only occasionally interact with the team (we chat on Slack or GChat), I feel like I'm engaged enough in the work - it's interesting and both companies are well-respected and treat their employees well, so that leads to higher engagement levels.