*I WANT YOUR OPINION!* I'm Starting an app to connect you with people that share your same interests, and I want your help! Suggestions, help, comments, etc. all welcome!https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanisquintero/

Hey guys! My name is Alanis Quintero, and I'm trying to start an app that will compete with Meetup.com, made specifically for Gen Z and Millenials. For all of you that don't know about Meetup.com, It's basically an app that helps you connect with groups that share your same interest so you can meet new people. I have felt however that this specific platform lacks a lot of necessary features that could be handy, and kind of just throws you to the wolves by having you go to these events without knowing a single person or being able to really learn anything about them! (I want to integrate virtual and socially distanced events mainly until COVID is handled!) The reason I'm posting about it is that I NEED your help! I want to know if you guys have suggestions or ideas that could make the app better or some feature that you would love to see on an app like this because well, I'm making it for YOU! If you have any tips when it comes to financials, UX/UI, coding, etc. Literally, anything I WANT TO HEAR IT! The more help I can get from you guys the better the app will be!! If you're interested in being a part of this, please message me here, or on linked in!
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What a fun concept! Just added you on LinkedIn :)
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Thank you! Excited to connect :)
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@nastassia recently launched an app in this space - may be useful to check out Connectful and potentially join forces?
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TY for the heads up! Will definitely go check her out :)
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I worked on something like this for a Hackathon a few years ago. Would love to dig up some of that stuff up if you want to chat further!
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Hey there! Omg I would love it! Will ping you :)
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I have so many ideas in this space - we should chat. :)
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Yay sounds perfect! I'll go ahead and message you :)
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I think connecting with people in person is really crucial for us as humans, but especially after this pandemic and even MORE so for younger generations that are very used to connecting via social media, but struggle to connect in person. I have a younger sibling that really struggles with this actually, so I'd be happy to ask her some questions for you! Regardless, I like your concept. ◡̈ I've got a similar idea - to connect locals to events happening in their communities (think live music at a coffee shop or photography workshop). I would love to connect with you, share ideas, and learn anything you've learned around developing the product (seriously, I'm so lost in that area). I'm happy to share what I've learned as well! I'll connect with you on LinkedIn so we can chat more.