Where can I find number of female founders in the US & Canada?http://weareflik.com

Hello! Trying to find facts and figures or resources that can help me discover an approximate number of female founders in North America. Let me know!
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This could be a bit exhaustive search, but you can check this comprehensive ecosystem supporting women-led companies: https://medium.com/been-there-run-that/the-global-support-ecosystem-for-women-entrepreneurs-and-investors-961b3abc2c9b and looking at their stats.
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Thank you!!
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I was doing similar research and I found that Crunchbase.com is quite useful. I was able to find over 3,800 female founders/co-founders (all stages) in the US from my own research. Try their free trial to take advantage of their advance search.
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SheEO (https://sheeo.world/) is a community of people that funds women-led ventures in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Are you focusing on tech companies only or other industries as well?
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All industries! And a number that is as close to all the female founders in the world possible even if it's based on percentages and estimates.