Between final interview & offer stage. What would you do?

Just got through a round of interviews at a fabulous company. They are making a decision by Monday - on who got the job. WHAT would you do to stand out and get the job? Should I share a proposed 30-60-90 proposed plan? Ideas to grow the business? I have a "future is in my hand moment" and want to do something to stand out. CEO emailed yesterday that she will sync with her team and get back to me. Wasn't a no but wasn't a yes. What would you do to get this job?? I sent thoughtful thank yous. Been maintaining contact with all previous interviewers to build relationships and stay top of mind. I know there's a fine line between eager & ambitious - and "annoying/overstepping". Open to all ideas! Has anyone here done anything differently that won them a job offer?

Honestly, I don't know that you need to do much more! If you have something to share that you think would truly be a value add (could be as elaborate as a 30-60-90 plan or as simple as sharing an article that advances a conversation you had in an interview), then sure - go for it. But you don't *need* to do anything more at this stage. You've already done the real work, which is nailing the interviews. Now it's out of your hands. I know that can feel really scary, but sometimes you just have to sit on your hands and wait.
As someone who loves to anticipate and be on top of things (and sometimes overdo it), your post really resonated and I totally feel you. However, I think I'd agree with Alexa167's post below. Your work over the past few weeks interviewing etc speak for itself and they will make a decision (hopefully the one you want and we all want for you) based on that! Sending a thank you note is more than enough at this point. YOU GOT THIS! Pls let us know how things end up!
Thank you both!! Really appreciate your kind words and helpful tips/support.Welp, I didn't end up getting the role.But back at it on this Monday morning - applying from square 1!
I am sorry to hear you didn't the role :( It is OKAY though, something better, aligned with your profile, values, is closer than you think! Let us know how we can help you!How has the week been so far?