Investing your money...Do you really need a financial advisor?

We often underestimate our ability to manage and invest our own money.According to Dow Research, 80-90% of professional money managers don't out perform the market.The truth is you can be the best manager of your money.If you can learn the things on this checklist, you’re capable of managing your own retirement accounts and investments without hiring an expensive advisor or paying large fees, according to personal finance writer Beth Kobleiner:✅ You understand what Index Funds and ETFs are✅ You understand why low fees matter✅ You know why diversification is important✅ You understand 401(k) and IRA plans✅ You’ve paid down high-interest debt✅ You’re saving automatically✅ You don’t panic when the markets dip or plummetIf you want to learn these concepts or simply brush up on these topics, I’ve created a Personal Investing course to help you take control of your finances.Sign-up here: course will be offered once more this year, starting Nov. 30. Seats limited to ensure 1:1 support.
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10000% agree with you - I have been very reluctant to use a financial advisor mostly because I want to learn and I am so happy resources like yours exist - certainly would have appreciated that a few years back when I got started myself :)
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Thanks so much for sharing @iynnaThere are definitely advisors that are honest and do business the right way--I always suggest people who want to get extra help to look for Fee-only advisors (who are fiduciaries and don't charge commissions)If there are any friends in your social circles that would benefit, would definitely appreciate you sharing the course with them!