A Note to Elphas Can Code: Please Read First

As Elphas Can Code continues to grow and more conversations start appearing in the community, it is a good time to remind everyone about the Elpha community rules as well as share some important information for the community. Please read this post first to review the guidelines for the Elphas Can Code community.Elphas Can Code is a supportive community for all women in tech learning to code. All women in tech are welcome in this group from women learning coding concepts for a job to newbies just starting to learn how to code.We encourage all of our members to share coding resources, events, advice, projects, and coding successes. Members can provide constructive project feedback to other projects Elphas post to the group and share anything coding related that inspires them along their coding journey.Elphas Can Code will follow and enforce the Elpha community guidelines. Please review the Elpha community and direct messaging guidelines on the FAQ page before posting in this community. If you find that a post that is not following the guidelines, please flag the post and sending a message to group moderator Sarah Bartley.Asking for Coding HelpMembers are encouraged to post coding questions they have on projects they are building or concepts they are trying to learn. In order to get the most helpful answers, please use the following format to getting help. Feel free to copy-paste these questions in your post to help you.1. What were you trying to do? What is your goal?2. What did you do? What steps do you take?3. What were you expecting to happen? What happened instead?4. What have you already tried to fix the issue? What happened?5. If possible include any links to your code. You can post a link to your Github repo or an online text editor like JSFiddle or CodePen so other Elphas can take a look at your code. You can also post any links you are using to try fixing the solution to your code such as any articles you were using to help you. This includes any articles from StackOverflow, Google, etc.If you have any questions about these rules or for asking for help, please message group moderator Sarah Bartley.Thank you!