Early Stage - Venture Build Program: VR Awe inspiring experiences Prototype testing

Hi everybody....,

We are Orange Labs - part of Zinc Venture Builder Program and our mission is to improve children's and young person (CYP) emotional and psychological well-being: Mission Manifesto.

I am very excited to share that after a few months of intense research and an even more intense search for VR talent...(still on the lookout for more) we are about to start building!!!! and as we build testing and feedback will become essential.

We are focusing on the positive impact experiencing awe can have on children. And we are looking for children therapists who would like to join us in our journey as well as parents and children interested in doing user testing and potentially some co-designing with us.

On our landing page, there are three surveys for the three demographics mentioned above. For GDPR we have a separate place to gather contact details should you want to become part of our beta testers :)

More on AWE

Numerous studies have found that awe can restructure individuals' mental frames so deeply that it could be considered a therapeutic asset for major mental health, including depression, this is because awe expands our sense of connection with the world and other human beings thus helping us to connect with ourselves thereby making us overcome the sense of loneliness and meaninglessness at the core of depression.

Awe could help CYP come to understand themselves as part of a larger community. There are yet other socio-emotional benefits: awe-struck research subjects have shown greater generosity, more ethical decision-making, kinder behavior towards others, and decreased entitlement. By inducing awe we can help CYP “forego strict self-interest to improve the welfare of others.

VR is the perfect tech to start this journey. But certainly not the only tool we will be looking at in the future.

Please feel free to drop me a line with any questions and or comments.

Any questions, feedback etc. please feel free to get in touch.