A Question About Program Management

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This app has a free 1-1 coaching feature that may be helpful. I tried this app called BUNCH that gives you 2-min daily tips on topics like communication, feedback, and resolving conflicts at work. I thought you might like it too: https://coach.bunch.ai/invite/candice-jurick
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Not sure if you've gone through a hiring process recently but looking up some lists of behavioral interview questions and then writing down and organizing some of the categories of programs and lessons learned you find authentic might be a good place to start (e.g. see competencies column on behavioral tab here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q5MYDpjC4K66V9bZfUjxsGODxmfo3OixkpHiku4HZyA/edit#gid=423327579 ) I haven't found any particular tools to be more powerful than a table / blank page and some self-reflection but I'd love to learn from others that have too. Good luck!