Reality check for Marketers 55+ years old

I'm a 62-year-old tech Marketer with 30+ years of experience in both client and agency roles. I've been consulting for a while. I'm not ready to retire and now I'm looking for either a full-time job with benefits or a part-time job that pays a decent wage just to help offset normal household expenses. I don't need to be a CMO or even a Director, I'm fine with a manager/contributor role and don't have a problem with a younger boss (seems like a given), I'm happy to learn new things and think I can get up to speed and start contributing quickly.

However, there doesn't seem to be any interest out there in even meeting me. And I know I'm not the only woman having this experience.

My question is, is there even a remote possibility that someone like me will ever get hired again? It's both a personal and a general question, just trying to understand the realities of today's market.

I think it will be harder, particularly in tech. If you have experience with Generative AI, I suspect that may help, even if your actual on-the-job use of it is very low.What I'm seeing generally:Further thinning out of various departments - similar to 2008 where companies are continuing to try to do FAR more with FAR less.Deeper leaning towards "traditional hires" - more 30-40 year old white guys specifically in various mid to high level roles. Attempts to use GenAI and automation to stretch efforts - this is why LinkedIn is so terrible right now and why Google search is chaotic.Greater outsourcing to fractional talent - particularly for smaller companies.You might explore some of the nonprofit side (especially those that have some convergence with tech). You could try a resume where you lop off some older experiences and see if you get more bites that way. Definitely continue to tap into your network.If you're open to part time, you may also consider hanging your shingle as a fractional CMO. I'm seeing more people go this route. Sending you all the best.