When is the right time to dedicate 100% of your time to your startup?

Hi Elphas,I recently discovered this community and have learned so much from all of you - so thank you! I would love to learn from all of you on how to balance having a full time job while trying to grow your start up. For me, the answer has been trying to multi-task like crazy between work meetings to spend time on the start up, then work on my start up after my 3 year old son goes to bed and sacrificing on sleep. It's very exhausting, but I don't know how else to manage all three especially since the start up is still at a very early stage. Any tips? Would you recommend that I just quit my job and dedicate 100% time to my startup? If so, at what stage of the start up do you think it would be wise to do that?For additional context: - I currently work full time as a Director at a Fortune 500 company. My job is very demanding as it is client facing, with little predictability on my schedule, but it also pays well. - I recently launched a company to help working parents manage childcare and education during the pandemic. I would love for this to eventually be my full time job once there's financial viability to the product. - I have a supportive spouse, but he also works full time and have a demanding job. Thanks so much everyone!
Hey! This is a really great question to ask. I'll speak from my own personal experience and other people I know who have dropped out of school/quit their job.The most common pattern I've seen is that people work on this as their side project until it starts to interfere with their work, and where they get some no equity funding from entrepreneurship competitions or incubators (usually around 20-50k ish). Some individuals also give themselves deadline to "work it out" before they go back to full time work. For example, some people save X amount of money to work on their startup full time for a year, and if it doesn't work out, they go back to their job. It's all about the amount of risk you want to take. Generally, I would suggest working on it as a side gig until it gains some sort of traction or funding. That's just my 2c, but I'm interested in learning what other people thing too :) And good luck!