πŸ“… Negotiating Your First Salary - FREE Webinar on November 10th 6pm PT | 9pm ET

RSVP Here:πŸ“£ There is so much misinformation, or at the very least information asymmetry, surrounding negotiation - especially for students & young professionals. Young, Not Broke has brought together a panel of experts to help us pull back the curtain and create more transparency in negotiation.Niya is the Co-Founder of Candor, a company focused on helping people negotiate and get the competitive pay they deserve, and Dru is a Technical Recruiter at Google & YouTube and has been working with new talent across teams for more than 3 years.In this event they will:🌟Discuss the *importance* of negotiating your offer🌟Break down barriers of the process🌟Lay out first steps toward understanding what you can, and should, be asking for...and emphasize the big-picture impact on your personal finance journey πŸ’Έ
Hi @kavyaravikanti! This is an excellent event! Do you also do events on negotiation salary at different stages? ie. Not just the first salary? And lastly, I wont be able to make it :( BUT will there be a recording?
Hi @iynna! So sorry I'm just seeing this - if you've registered for the event you'll receive our follow up email with a link to the recording :) Shoot me an email: [email protected] if you didn't get a chance to RSVPWe do events mainly on all aspects of personal finance but I'd recommend checking out Candor as that's their main focus :)