Project Management / Productivity

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As a software development company for web and mobile apps, I use Trello and Jira. I like them both as they are simple (drag and drop) and there are free versions.
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It very much depends on the team (and the project), but my go-to is Asana, especially if you have anyone who might be intimidated by JIRA on the team. I’ve also been playing around with Notion and Coda but don’t have enough experience with either to solidly recommend them.What kind of projects are you managing? How big is the team?
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Interesting - asana’s lack of native GitHub integration made it so difficult to use at my last job (at a small startup). We had user stories in asana, and then broke everything out in GitHub, and it just required so much manual work to keep everyone updated. But so many people love Asana - I feel like I’m missing something! I’ve always thought Clubhouse looked really cool, but haven’t actually used it myself…
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I mean, if you're using GitHub you'll definitely want something that can integrate with it. Maybe you can use Zapier to set up an integration with other necessary systems?I personally love Asana because it looks like the inside of my head: candy-colored bullet lists that i can move flexibly and the occasional flying narwhal, yeti or unicorn. :-) I'm really intrigued by the folks below who like clickup - i might try that out at some point!
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Hi! You should give a try to The near term roadmap has all the features for smooth project management like Asana and Trello without being bloated + it has a module for team meeting facilitation and workshops too. I'm the founder so I'd be happy to show you around and onboard you on our startup program if that makes sense. Cheers!
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Hey! I use Clickup and love it. I switched from Asana because of cost, but also love Asana - it's simple, which is great for tech-intimidated people. But if your team is tech-savvy, highly recommend checking out Clickup.
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+1 for Clickup as well. I manage approx 15-20 projects (internally and externally) between the same number of designers and devs. We use it for task tracking, time tracking and documentation.
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Hey Shreya, I use Teamwork, but I also work for that company - so its an easy choice! You can check us out here: app is very flexible, I look after a separate app (Desk) within the suite and my team all use projects within Teamwork for tracking development work - it integrates with other products we are using within the suite so works out great for us. If you've any questions about it feel free to reach out to me.