Where to issue additional legal agreements when registering through Stripe Atlas/Legal Zoom

Hi all, I plan to register my company as a C-Corp by using either Stripe Atlas or Legal Zoom but am unclear on where I get the rest of my legal docs issued.Examples of the additional legal docs I would like: 1. Confidentiality/IP Assignment/Non-Compete Agreement2. Advisory /Consulting agreement3. Terms and conditions for my website4. Employee offer letters*Some of these may be repetitive in their nature*Thank you in advance for your suggested!(I'm feeling super overwhelmed with the legal and tax aspects of starting a business)Hadas
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Tagging @JRShraybman in case she could help!
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Great tag, Teresa. and hello @HadasT! I know many gals in this community have used Atlas for incorporation, and I've heard of many others who use Legal Zoom. I recommend limiting these services to only handle the incorporation itself. I know Legal Zoom, in particular, also sells as part of its package initial board minutes, and maybe even draft bylaws. I have reviewed many of these "wholesale" templates and rarely do they suit the needs of the specific company.As Jaclyn Chen mentioned, Clerky is a great resource for base templates. While they are still generic, they tend to better follow our industry's standards and practices.All that said, I'm a startup attorney and would be happy to hop on a call with you to discuss your specific company and needs (free of charge). I'm happy to be a resource for a fellow Elpha. Feel free to reach out at [email protected], and in any case, good luck!
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Thanks @teresaman for the intro tag!@JRShraybman - Thanks for the info and for offering to speak! I'd love to set up some time to discuss my specific company circumstances. I'll send your an email to schedule some time.
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You should check out Clerky! I believe they have all the docs you’ve listed, and they charge pay per use. You can also check out their incorporation service as well - it’s nice to keep all the docs in one place.
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I'll check it out. Thanks @jaclynchen!
I don't yet have a strong opinion one way or another but I'm investigating incorporation as well and after one person recommended Stripe Atlas, I did some research. I found this article which I thought had some decent points to consider so passing it to you:https://nomadcapitalist.com/2019/09/10/stripe-atlas-bad-idea-online-businesses/I've started looking at Clerky as it was also recommended to me and, so far, I'm liking it for it's broad range of services. I used a similar service, for example, to do my website T&Cs and Privacy statements. The total cost was something like $200, far less than a law firm, AND I compared my results to a colleague's website with similar T&Cs (he had used a law firm) and they were remarkably similar. I don't know if that's ignorance on my part but I felt pretty good about saving funds and getting what I needed for my website. Finally, I attended a Cooley webinar and found their site to be a trove of useful useful documents and guidance as you're thinking about the legal aspects of your business. https://www.cooleygo.com/
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Thank you SO much!!! I'm researching Clerky now and will take at the Cooley webinar. I've also spoken to 2 lawyers and am just trying to figure out the best route for my company. If you're up for it, I'd love to meet and exchange notes! Maybe we can help each other fill in some gaps.
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For anything that doesn’t live in Clerky, I use Hellosign and put the completed documents into a folder on Google Drive. Sometimes the file ends up signed via a customer’s Docusign - those go in Drive as well.
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