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I am new to this community having been invited by a new friend. This is great to be invited to a community of women. I live in the east bay of Northern California. Currently I am job seeking by first finding out who I am and what I really want to do when I grow up. I have many years of experience in various fields and the common threads include project/program management, working with teams, and teaching/coaching. Recently I took a course on Agile/Scrum and am very interested in connecting with others who use agile principles in their work - though not in the tech field.
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Hi Melissa! Elpha has a whole job board which I would recommend checking out, though most jobs are in the tech field. I work as a product manager in several roles and I do use agile, though haven't met people working outside of tech that use it!
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Thanks for the helpful tip.
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Welcome Melissa - it's a pleasure to have you here!First off, I'd love to have you join us on June 18 at 10 AM Pacific for our monthly community chat/gathering where you will meet us (Elpha Community team) and other members. Deets are here: as Sophie said we do have a job board which I recommend you check out !
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Thanks for the invite. It is on my calendar. I will be checking the job board.