Any techwomen alumni here? Thinking of applying.

I would appreciate speaking to any one who has been a participant. I have always wanted to apply for over 10 years but never fit the bill until now that I have transitioned into becoming a Software Engineer... I have a few questions.
Hey Nash!Tagging @Sepidehn and @bethsteinberg who are both involved / advisors for TechwomenAlso tagging @Renu and @Heba who did it a few years ago :-)
Appreciated @iynna for this are the best!
Love TechWomen!!
@Sepidehn and @bethsteinberg. It turns out since I do not have a 4 year degree , I am not eligible. I have a BTEC HND equivalent to an Associate degree. Looks like this isn't for me. @iynna thank you for the connections and your support.
Oh got it! Why were you interested in applying/what is it you need to level up?
I was interested in applying for this current round but I need a 4 year degree... I just completed a bootcamp in March 2020, coz it made much more sense to do a bootcamp as opposed to going to Uni to complete a Bachelors. Going back to study to get a degree didn't make much sense both financially and logically - so I chose bootcamp. quick and financially painless in the long run. As a mother of 3 school going kids, one is joining Uni in a few months, one is joining High school in a month and a 4th grader this makes sense.
Got it! Make total sense. My question was more around what you're working on and that made you interested in TechWomen? I am asking because perhaps there are other resources out there we can help you with.