What are some of the hardest things you've faced as a founder/leader to date?

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I am sure this post will gather a lot of interesting insights - I am not sure what the intent of your post is (ie if you are doing research or else) but there was a thread that addressed some of this (which you may find helpful)https://elpha.com/posts/orzheoo5/question-for-all-the-founders-what-s-the-one-thing-you-wish-you-knew-before-starting-a-business#np6ez8mb
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Hey @iynna! I'm writing my second book, doing a research on the same. This is my first for the startup ecosystem. I think founders are athletes and why they do what they do (including me) is still beyond me. So the more insights I get, the better I'd be able to cover the subject. During the pandemic, many of my successful founder friends in India fell from the top, took measures, rose back and fell back again. Now again back to sustaining their companies. It's been a loop. I want to really get into the subject, feel what founders feel while taking the hardest decisions in the hardest times. And thank you for sharing the thread! :)